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Minister's Musings

Rev. Olivia Holmes

Dear Friends,

I've been wondering for at least a week about what I most need to say to you in this newsletter and the next, and then, in the last.

My body, God knows, longs for spring, longs with that ancient clasping to hope in the warming of the world. But my spirit knows that with that new warmth, those longer days, my time with you grows shorter and shorter.

And every time my thoughts get to that place, I start to thinking, yet again, about all we've accomplished; all YOU'VE accomplished over the past two years. And when I get to that place, my heart just fills up with gratitude, again and again, for the amazing commitment, good will, and visionary energy you bring to this sacred community. My friend and colleague, the Rev. Steve Crump, has said it better than I could in these words:

You make the coffee, set up the tables, and organize the cleaning

When the rest of us have gone home.

You know where the brooms and the supplies are kept.

You speak passionately with a clear voice

And listen with open-mindedness.

You say you want to be part of the solution,

Part of the healing by hanging in there.

You hold a child, hold a confidence, and hold a hand.

You go the extra mile, contribute the extra dollar,

And give the benefit of doubt.

You know that church life is all about relationships.

We sing this song of praise for you - the unsung in our church.

And our hearts are glad in the singing...

Some of what you do here is known, we can see it, touch it, taste it. Much, so very much, of what you do here is known only privately, perhaps just by you, or just one other, or some small group.

But the impact of what you do and give here is huge, lasting, and life affirming; a gift of grace we get to take with us when it's time to go our separate ways.

In faith and gratitude, Olivia

Upcoming Services

Sunday Services start at 10:00am.

March 30th, "UU: The Youth View"

Senior High Youth Group

Join us for our annual Senior High Youth Group service! We have spent most of the year discussing Unitarian Universalism in the context of our world and in comparison to religions other than ours. The youth will share their thoughts on these topics.

Sunday, April 6 "Music Sunday"

Jed Holland, Your Favorite Choirs, Special Guest Artists

"More Music, Less Talk." Don't miss it!

Sunday, April 13 "Mr. Rogers and UU Principles"

Sharon Machado and Kathy Fletcher, Worship Associates

Fred Rogers was an educator, Presbyterian minister, author, composer and host of a beloved children's TV program. He taught a generation about acceptance and being part of a community. In this service, we will explore the messages in Fred Rogers' work that echo UU principles.

Sunday, April 20, "Eastering, Take Two"

Rev. Olivia Holmes

Rituals from around the world and through time celebrate the power of life to renew itself at the time we call Spring. Christians call it resurrection, and place it within the context of one particular life, that of Jesus Christ. Today Rev. Holmes will celebrate the spirit of renewal within the context of the eons. Please feel invited to wear an Easter bonnet...or not.

Special Note From the Choir: We invite you to join us to sing the Hallelujah Chorus on Easter Sunday, April 20. Be part of the Greater Choir by joining us to rehearse at9:00 AMon the 20th.

Sunday, April 27, "Fast Forward"

Rev. Michael Hall

Despite our best intentions to "just slow down," many of us nonetheless end up feeling like we are out of control, caught up in a frenetic cycle of working too much and sleeping too little. It can be so difficult trying to stay happy, healthy, and whole while trying to balance the competing claims on our time. Join us this morning as guest minister, Rev. Michael F. Hall, from the Keene UU Church considers the disorienting pace of post-modern life. Rev. Holmes will be preaching in the Keene pulpit this morning.

Ministerial Candidate Preparations

Candidating Week Logistics Committee

RESERVE THE DATES May 4 thru May 11!

If everything goes according to plan, our ministerial candidate will be visiting with us from Sunday, May 4 through Sunday, May 11. The candidate will deliver the sermon on both Sundays, and after the second service we'll hold a special congregational meeting to decide if we should call this person to be our next settled minister.

The Search Committee has assembled a group of folks to put together the schedule for the week the candidate will be with us. Our group consists of Jan Schwartz, Joan Connacher, Tina Marshman, Elaine Thomas, Dave Hudson, and Jerry Ross. Kathy Grossman and Carol Houde from the Search Committee are chairing this "Logistics Committee." We will be in touch with people to ask for your suggestions and to get your help with organizing what will be a busy, but hopefully fun and informative, week.

We'll be planning and hosting a series of events during the week to give everyone a chance to meet the candidate and give her or him the opportunity to get to know us better. Obviously, we all have a very serious choice to make on May 11 and the goal is to help us feel confident in our vote and help the candidate feel confident in accepting our call.

As you can imagine, there's a lot of coordination still required, but we hope you can all do your best to reserve some time to meet the candidate in the following ways:

We'll post the week's schedule as soon as we have it.

Introducing the Interim DLRE Search Committee

Rev. Olivia Holmes

As your Interim Minister and in compliance with UUCN's bylaws, it is my responsibility to hire staff. However, I wanted to be guided and supported by folk from this community who know a lot more than I could have learned in the short time I've been here about how we might want to build a Religious Education Program for All Ages for the 21st Century. To that end, I am honored to introduce the following people as UUCN's Interim DLRE (Director of Lifelong Religious Education) Search Committee:

Co-Chair Kim Steele

Co-Chair Jamie Hinkle

Member Kathy Fletcher

Member Lance Pratt

Member Amy Savoie

Member Monica Staples

The Personnel Committee worked a lot of overtime to put together a fine website for DLRE candidates to review: www.uunashua.org/dlre/. We are currently soliciting résumés and working through interview procedures, questions, and a timetable.

The plan is to find the right person to lead in the creation of an integrated religious education program for children, youth, young adults, and adults in support of the congregation's vision of mutual support and affirmation of spiritual growth together and as UU individuals of all ages.

I am honored to be working with this inspired, thoughtful, and knowledgeable team.

Stewardship Update

The Stewardship Committee

As we write this, our annual Stewardship Campaign is still underway. Unfortunately, it's still too early to offer up any meaningful statistics or results. If past years are any indication, however, a gentle reminder is probably in order for the handful of you who have not gotten around to filling out your pledge form yet. Please take a moment to do so as soon as possible!

One thing we can tell you is that the feedback from this year's campaign has been very positive. Our visiting stewards enjoyed their conversations with you and by all accounts you enjoyed your chats with them. We know you're all incredibly busy and we really appreciate the time you took to meet with them.

Some of you have noted that we're your shelter in the storm. Others have described how we have become a steady rock, anchoring your spirit. Some people shared their gratitude for challenging them to be their best self. Regardless of the reason, in quiet voices and loud, you've told us how important the church is in your lives.

Our predecessors built and maintained this spiritual home for us and now it is our turn to ensure that we remain a beacon for each other and those who are still searching in the dark. Your commitment is all the more important as we embark on the next leg of our shared journey with a new minister. We know you have lots of demands on your time and your finances. We are very, very thankful that you've chosen to support our faith community with both.

Upcoming Newsletter Change

The Public Relations Committee

In an effort to bring our church more into the 21st century we are replacing our monthly newsletter with a weekly email. The last issue for our monthly newsletter will be June 2014. We feel this change will allow us to get information about events, happenings and announcements from the various groups and committees within our church out to you, our audience, in a more timely manner. This is especially beneficial for events that happen spontaneously within a month and must be publicized within a short time frame. Limited print copies of each week's email will be available at the Information Table in the Sanctuary. There will be a dedicated space on our website to peruse back issues as well. Please be sure you are signed up to receive our current newsletter via email as all addresses subscribed to the newsletter will be added to the database for the new weekly mailing. Additionally, the weekly announcements that are currently being emailed will stop when we convert over to the new format. It is our hope and intention to have all pertinent information in one location (the weekly mailing). We are very excited about this change and hope you find it much more useful as well. You can anticipate your first "issue" of the weekly email to arrive in your inbox the first week of July.As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and input.

Summer Services

Call For Summer Service Topics

Worship Associates

Although it still feels like winter on some days, summer will quickly be upon us. One cherished tradition in this church is our Sunday morning summer service program with lay speakers primarily from our congregation.

Maybe this is the year that you would like to stretch yourself just a bit and spend some time sharing one of your interests or passions with a group of your church friends! The content that we ask you to provide is only about 20 minutes, and you will have a Worship Associate both to provide advice and help, and to lead the rest of the service if you wish.

Additionally, if you have provided a previous summer service talk, we invite you to consider revisiting your topic, or choosing a new topic this summer.

Past topics have been widely diverse - from butterflies to a meaningful search for ancestors; from a spiritual journey to cultural enrichment. Formats have ranged from traditional "sermons" to slide shows.

Over the years, attendance at these services has grown, but we try to keep it informal. It is a wonderful way to stay connected over the summer; to join together in spirit and to get to know your fellow congregants in a richer way.

If you might be interested in providing a topic, please talk to any Worship Associate, or email or call the church office and we will get in touch to answer any questions. Thanks!

And read the next item for another way to help with summer services:

Summer Coffee Hour

Sherri Woolsey, Membership Coordinator

We are trying something new this summer and offering coffee hour after the services on Sunday. However, our paid teenagers won't be staffing it. Instead, the Membership Team is seeking volunteers to set up, make the coffee and clean up afterward. In an effort to make this as easy for volunteers as possible, we will be using disposable cups for coffee hour. This is a terrific opportunity for families, friends, covenant groups or anyone to help out the church. A sign up sheet will be at the Opportunity Table in the Dining Room beginning in May for summer dates starting June 22and going through August 31. Please think about serving your church in this fun, rewarding capacity. You are welcome to sign up once or several times. It is suggested a minimum of two people volunteer on any Sunday but more are certainly welcome. Instructions will be available in the kitchen. If you have any questions, please speak with Sherri Woolsey, Membership Coordinator. Thank you.

Worship Corner

On Community

Frona Avery, Worship Associate

As many of you know, I am new to Unitarian Universalism. My niece, Gillian Hinkle, asked me what church I would be attending here because she knew I had always been a church attendee. My reply was that it had to have a good choir, so she obviously replied that I should come to her church! So I went to a summer picnic at Greeley Park and met all kinds of wonderful people and had a great time. I was still a little tentative because I knew almost nothing about UU's and had always thought that they were very prim and proper folks and probably not a good match for me! Was I mistaken! At the first rehearsal I was struck by how interesting everyone was, but it was my first service that blew me away. Here were people who cared about each other, even people they didn't know. AND they weren't afraid to disagree either: in fact the differences made for more than respect but a true liking for our differences I immediately felt at home and accepted and didn't feel that I had to keep quiet about my own beliefs.

For most of my life I thought of myself as a Christian but had many reservations about the Bible and the practices of this religion. A mean and nasty God didn't make sense to me, biblical stories seemed to reflect the times that of the authors, and rules that were made to seem that some religions were better than others were an anathema. These were just a small sampling of things that held me back even though I have always loved religious music - and I mean any religion. I have sung and or directed music in synagogues, Roman Catholic and protestant churches, and a variety of other ceremonies that had religious implications of some kind. In fact, I like rituals and their music: for instance in this church, I enjoy singing "Spirit of Life" as well as many of the weekly components of our services.

Most of all, I have found compassion and heart in our community, although I am still learning about finding my place in all of this. When my niece first announced that I had cancer, I was astounded by the numbers of people (many of whom had never met me) who offered encouragement and support to someone so new to the church. Many also offered practical things too, which were obviously helpful. In this church people do things according to their talents and interests, instead of just praying about it! I am still struggling to understand how important this is and my place in all of this; who would care that I (little ol' me) would make an impact on others. Then I remember that when I was in need how touched I was by the genuine outpouring of thoughtfulness from this community and I am humbled to be a part of such goodness. It is revitalizing. Thanks to each and every one of you.

Welcome New Members

Sherri Woolsey, Administrator and Membership Coordinator

On Sunday, March 16, Rev. Olivia Holmes with assistance from Emma & Kim Sousa, Co-Chairs of the Membership Team and Harry Purkhiser, Vice-President of the Board of Trustees, welcomed 11 new members into our congregation. Each new member was given a certificate and flower and then welcomed by the Congregation. These eleven individuals are: Greg Deneen, Mandy Eberle, Laura Ellsworth, Lisa Laughton, Stacie Laughton, Muriel Leonard, Charles Savoie, Emma Sousa, Kim Sousa, Karen Thomas and Craig Thomas. (See photos in the pdf file )

Events and Announcements

Community Outreach Baskets

The Community Dinners Committee and our guests appreciate all of the items that you donate for the monthly dinners. Our current needs are for SOCKS! SOCK! SOCKS!, razors, feminine products, cereal/granola bars, cereal, powdered milk, toilet paper, toothbrushes, dental floss, bath gel, shampoo and conditioner.

UU Art

Robert Janules

Church Gallery

For the month of April, Loretta Hubley will display in the church gallery a collection of her artwork. She describes her selection as follows:

Ready to be warmed up? Here comes "Desert Hues"! In April, I will be showing some of my "Desert Hues" suite of collagraph monoprints that are inspired by my appreciation of the changing colors of light in the Arabian Desert. In this series I depict naturally abstract formationsnear Mt. Sinai and Petraduring different times of the day or evening

Presently no one has signed up to display for the month of May. Since time is limited, it is a good time to open the gallery to more than one individual who want to display some of their work but don't have enough to fill the entire space available. If interested please contact BobJanules.

Rivier University

Loretta Hubley will also be showing six different color tones of one image of her "Desert Hues" series, representing changes of light, in the art faculty exhibit at Rivier University: "One Minute 'tillMidnight" fromMarch 24 to April 25in Memorial Hall Art Gallery, 2nd floor. This will be the last art faculty exhibit at Rivier, but the gallery will continue.

Trivia Night! FRIDAY, March 28 - 7:30pm.

Please join us in the UU Nashua Auditorium for a night of fun, friends, food, and a little trivia competition. Following the format of "Pub Trivia" contests, we will form teams (up to 6 people/team) and each team will work together to answer questions and score more points than other teams. It's all in good fun, for a great cause. There will be a "wine wall" raffle, a bake sale, and a 50/50 raffle. All proceeds benefit White Wing's Donna Purkhiser Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Contra Dance! Saturday, April 5th 7:00pm

UU Nashua will host its first CONTRA DANCE! Live music will be provided by Oh, Contraire! of Westford, MA. An experienced dance caller will teach and lead us through the dances. No partner necessary.All ages welcome and encouraged to attend. The price will be $7, not to exceed $25 per family. This is going to be a fun dance party! Bring friends, bring family; plan to have a good time! Light (non-alcoholic) refreshments will be provided.

Workshop in Nonviolent Communication (NVC); April 12th 10AM-5PM

Discover a life-transforming communication practice grounded in our universal values that builds trust, transforms conflict, and supports deep and authentic relationships. UU members, friends and public are all welcome.

This language of the heart is both a concrete set of learnable skills and a spiritual practice. The simple 4-step process of Nonviolent Communication (also called Compassionate Communication) supports emotional freedom, self-acceptance, inner peace, and fulfilling relationships. The practices include expressing ourselves honestly, listening with empathy, and developing more inner compassion and cultivating compassion for others.

In a fun, interactive workshop, Gail Carroll and Paul Merrill will provide an introduction to NVC and guide us through understanding this wonderful way to connect with others and live in congruence with our values. Read more about Gail and Paul at www.nvcboston.org/trainers. Gail's 17 year old daughter is well-versed in NVC and will be available to engage if youth sign up.

This workshop will be held at our church for adults and youth in 8th grade and up. Class size limited to 20 attendees. Cost is $85 per person if we get 15 participants, $75 per person with 20 participants.

Deadline to register is March 30th.

Contact Lori Lerude for info or to register.

Simple Gifts Coffee House; April 12th 7:30PM

Welcome to NH and to Simple Gifts Roosevelt Dime, a Brooklyn NY-based 4 piece band playing an original sound -King's County Steamboat Soul.

A rainy night in NY at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival; packed in under a tent at the Lounge Stage with other early bird fest goers; Roosevelt Dime steps up to the stage - the music begins and immediately heads are bobbing, toes are tapping, hands are clapping! The music is reminiscent of good time Big Easy jive.

To listen to the music of Roosevelt Dime is to take a journey through American roots music. Inspired by Appalachian string bands, Memphis soul, New Orleans Dixieland, and the musical melting pot of Brooklyn, which they call home, the band has forged a sound they've come to callSteamboat Soul.

The band's nontraditional lineup consists of banjo, electric and gut-bucket basses, percussion, clarinet, saxophone, and the occasional electric guitar. Their seamless mixture of musical genres has been described as "a perpetual crowd-pleaser" by the New York Times.

So hop aboard the S.S. Rosie and get ready for the ride of a lifetime!

Tickets can be purchased Sundays at coffee hour; on line purchases at www.uunashua.org/simplegi/

UUSeder; April 18th at 6:00pm

CelebratePassover UU styleonApril 18 in the Dining Room. This is a celebration of the traditional Jewish holiday of Passover, which remembers the liberation of theancient Hebrewsfrom slavery in Egypt and celebrates spring, when the earth around us is awakening. We will keep the Jewish tradition of Passover alive, but asUnitarianswe will honor all people who have gained their freedom and remember those who are still struggling for their freedom. This event is appropriate for people of all backgrounds and ages (yes, it is kid appropriate in a sit-down-dinner kind of way).

Please join us and enjoy coming together as a community to remember history, celebrate freedom, and enjoy each other's company over dinner. Bring a dish to share. Traditional Jewish recipes are available, or feel free to bring your own favorite Passover dish.

To sign-up or for additional information contact Jan Schwartz,or Judi Kennedy.

Spring Egg Hunt; Sunday, April 20th

It's back! Save the date for the Spring Egg Hunt. Spring will be here and there are plenty of reasons to celebrate! A fun egg hunt for treasures hidden on the UU Nashua property will be held right after the church service. Many colorful hollow plastic eggs will be filled with toy prizes. Please bring your own bag or basket to carry the eggs

Ferry Beach; Weekend of June 20th

Plan to kick off the summer by the sea coast in Maine. Ferry Beach is a UU Conference center located in Saco, ME, very close to Old Orchard Beach, with a hiking/biking trail, basketball/tennis court, two playgrounds, sand volleyball court and of course, the beach! Ferry Beach weekend is a terrific way for individuals, couples and families to spend time together and with other church friends in a relaxed atmosphere.

Bring your musical instruments, books, and crafts, or enjoy the puzzles and games in the Quillen lobby. Enjoy impromptu sing alongs on the porch of Quillen or a pick up card game. Of course, the rocking chairs on the covered and open front porch of the meal hall are always a desirable location to hang out.

Saturday evening we wander across the street to the camp ground to enjoy a bonfire and s'mores! The cost is $60/per room per night (regardless of how many are in the room so a family of four will pay $120 for the weekend plus the cost of meals.) There are four meals during the weekend: Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday brunch. Friday night everyone is on their own for a meal. The meal cost is: $47/adults (13 and older), $30 /kids (5-12) and free for under 5. If you'd prefer to camp at the campground directly across the street from the Conference Center (tent and RV camping), the campsites are $15/night or $30/weekend plus the cost of meals. Space is limited this year as we are sharing the facility with the wonderful people from the Danvers Northshore UU Church in MA. It is first come, first served on room location and availability so don't delay. Get your registration in with full payment as soon as possible. Only registrations accompanied with full payment will be assigned rooms. Campsite locations are on a first come/first served based on what is open at your time of arrival that weekend.



6RE Committee Meeting 8:30 Rm. 7, Children's Choir Light Chalice
13Classes as usual
20SPRING GATHERING, Preschoolers and older go to the Auditorium after 15 minutes in church
26RE Volunteer Pizza & Games Night
27CHILDREN'S CHAPEL (April Vacation), Babies/Toddlers in Rm. 8, Childcare Rm. 9


by Amy Savoie, RE Chairperson

This fall we will be going through all kinds of transitions. With the announcement of Chris Parker's retirement this summer, we will add transitioning to an Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education to this list. The interim DLRE will be helping us transform our current RE program into one current with 21st century trends. It will be an exciting time to teach an RE class. But it will also be an exciting time to be in service as we welcome our new settled minister.

What is a potential teacher to do?

We're going to approach teaching in a new way this fall. We are going to form teams of 4 teachers for each class. The teachers will alternate between leading a lesson, assisting with a lesson, and going to service. Let's say the team of 4 teaching third grade is Bill, Jane, Bob, and Julie. During the first week, Bill leads the lesson and Jane assists; Bob and Julie go to service. During week two, Jane leads and Bob assists, while Bill and Julie go to service. And so on, so that during any 4 week period, each teacher will be in class for 2 weeks and enjoying service with our new minister for 2 weeks.

Intrigued by this new approach? Any questions about making this work can be directed to Chris Parker or any member of the RE committee. This should be an excellent opportunity to welcome 2 new members of our church's staff this fall.


by Mandy Eberle and Mary Ellen Wessels

The 5/6th grade class continued our exploration of meditation and other ways to ground ourselves. We drew and colored mandalas and spirals silently, while we listened to music. We showed the children a video of the Tibetan monks and how the monks put together mandalas made of sand in intricate designs as their meditations. Each design/symbol has different meaning while the construction stays very symmetrical. In the video, they were creating and destroying the sand mandala in a ceremonious fashion and then putting the sand into the river nearby to offer the positive energy back to the local community.


Submitted by Wayne Fletcher

We, the 9th Grade R.O.P.E. youth, presented the following 14 statements to the congregation during coffee hour, asking them to please choose up to three statements with which you most strongly agree. 71 of the 144 people attending church that Sunday participated in the survey.

40We can use science and reason to understand our universe
32There are probably as many ideas about god as there are people
30There is a spark of divinity in each of us.
28I find God in nature
22There is no way we can know whether or not there is a God
16God is my conscience calling me to make the world a better place
16God and the universe are the same- God is in everyone and every thing
9There's no such thing as god, even the word is meaningless
6God is present in the relationships among people.
4Creation is ongoing and we are co-creators with God.
4 God is like a loving mother who sustains us and all life.
4 My beliefs about Jesus make me feel closer to God.
2 God created the universe and then let it run itself
1 God cares for us and listens to our prayers.

See the pdf file for a pie chart summarizing our findings.

From the data we collected, we discovered that people who attend the UU church are a diverse group consisting of people that believe in different religious statements that forge their religious thinking. Here are what the students thought about the results:

"I guess this just goes to show something, but I don't know what."

"The part of the church that voted generally agreed with me, in that we can use science and reason to explain the world around us."

"The majority of the congregation are humanists."

"Many people believe in some sort of God, but they don't have a definite or clear idea."

"This survey shows that the church is relatively secular compared to other congregations."

"The data shows that most of the people in our church are humanists"

"Even though we are a church, not many people believe in God, we believe in the sciences more."


If you are looking for a quality summer program for your children or a fabulous way to spend a week with or without your family, consider a UU Conference Center! For fun in the New England area, check out Star Island, Ferry Beach Park Association and Rowe Camp & Conference Center. Links to these sites as well as many more across the country can be found at the Council of Unitarian Universalist Camps and & Conferences website: www.cu2c2.org. Experience in these programs can be life-transforming and are often addictive!

Small Group Ministry Update

by Bill Kennedy

Last fall, the Spiritual Development Committee, under the leadership of Jerry Ross, began the process of revitalizing the Small Group Ministry program, otherwise known as Covenant Groups. The Small Group Ministry program of the UUA is spearheaded by the Rev. Dr. M'ellen Kennedy, who led a SGM introductory workshop at UUCN on October 6, 2013, and followed that up on November 2 with a full day of SGM training for those church members who were interested in the program. Covenant Groups have been part of the UUCN for many years, and long time church members are very familiar with the Covenant Group concept. However, questions about exactly what they are, how they work, and who can join a covenant group have not been well understood within the larger congregation. Under the revitalized SGM program which got underway in January, this is changing. There are now seven Covenant Groups with a total of 52 participants at UNCN: three have been in existence for many years, and four new ones began meeting in January. Six of these Covenant Groups meet monthly and one group meets bi-weekly.

Covenant Groups are not coffee klatches. They are tools to help build community and nurture relationships within the congregation. This is done through intimacy, ultimacy, and growth. Intimacy helps build community and provides opportunities for deeper relationships and stronger friendships, ultimacy provides members with an opportunity for deeper spiritual exploration and search for meaning. And finally, growth provides us with an opportunity to grow leaders as group members become facilitators to lead new Covenant Groups with the potential for growing UUCN in numbers, in generosity, and in a sense of well being.

If you think that SGM and Covenant Groups might be of interest to you, please sign up at the information table or join us for a Sample Covenant Group to be held on April 27.

New Member Photos (see the pdf file )

Our Mission and Covenant

Embracing the Purposes and Principles of Unitarian Universalism and the Vision we have chosen, as members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, New Hampshire, we will:

Support and respect one another in our searches for meaning, value, and personal/spiritual growth;

Join with one another in providing, nurturing, and celebrating a free religious community through common worship, shared activities, and programs for all ages;

Promote a sense of family within the congregation through mutual support and friendship, and by attending to each other's needs;

Be a positive presence for, and work to create, a more just, humane and caring society through outreach to our local community and to the wider human family.

Our Vision

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, New Hampshire will be a beacon of liberal religious thought and action whose members are committed to the search for truth and meaning, the acceptance of diversity, and the promotion of social justice within a supportive and caring community.

The next Newsletter deadline is Sunday, April 20, 2014.
Please send your content to the editor Message to the Newsletter Editor.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua

Rev. Olivia Holmes, Interim Minister
Ellen Fisher, President
Jed Holland, Music Director
Chris Parker, Religious Education Director
Sherri Woolsey, Office Administrator/Membership & Volunteer Coordinator
Sandra Martinage, Sexton

Rev. Holmes' Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday by appointment.

Church Staff Hours

Chris Parker, Religious Education Director: 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday

Sherri Woolsey, Church Administrator/Membership and Volunteer Coordinator: 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday

Contact the Church:
phone 603 882-1091 | Send a message Message to the Church Office | www.uunashua.org