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Minister's Musings

Rev. Olivia Holmes

Dear Friends,

Our time together is nearly over; yet our faith will always bind us together. Religare is the Latin root for religion, and it means to bind us back together again, to reconnect us.

Together we've spent these past two years reflecting on and building a new sense of ownership of what binds all of you together. It is love of one another, to be sure. It is knowing this is a safe place to explore your worldview, and the principles that guide your decisions when life gets hard. It is coming together with like-minded folk who want to do something bigger than any one person can do to change the world; but which cannot happen without the efforts of each one. It is breathing life into the dreams of all you can become.

Hope Johnson has written a poem with which I take my leave of you, with a heart full of gratitude for the steps on the journey we have taken together, for the caring and commitment we've shared, for the gifts of your being and your presence you have given me.

Light the way.
Lend a hand.
Make decisions.
Take risks.
Fail forward.
Build community.
Nurture meaningful relationships.
Be real.
Give thanks.
Invest in someone, or something, that you believe in.
Dream BIG.
Be transformed.
Change the world.
And keep your dreams alive.

You have a wonderful year ahead with Rev. Janet Newman, who is a dear friend and much admired colleague and with Meredith Olson guiding your steps toward Lifespan Religious Education. You are in good hands. And I leave with cherished memories to nurture me into retirement. It is my joy to say that I would wish for no other congregation to be the very last one I serve in my years of active ministry.

With a heart overflowing with love and gratitude for the journey we've taken together, Olivia.

Introducing Rev. Janet Newman

I am delighted to have this opportunity of introducing myself to you as your Interim Minister for 2014 - 2015. I look forward to our working well together for a productive bonus year of Interim Ministry!

I grew up in northern Ohio, in a small town on the south shore of Lake Erie. My roots go deep into Canada since my forebears came from there. However, my parents immigrated to the U.S. and raised my two younger brothers and me here.

I did my undergraduate work at Smith College and studied in Spain for a year on the Smith College Junior Year Abroad program. I traveled in Europe during the following summer with Latin American students. In 1967 I graduated with a BA in Hispanic Studies.

I moved to northern Virginia after graduation and began my first profession as a computer programmer/analyst/teacher. I also became an active volunteer in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Arlington, Virginia, serving on the Board of Trustees, in the choir, and on almost every committee of the church.

My husband and I were married in that church, and after his death in a car accident in 1978, I began full-time study at Wesley Theological Seminary, United Methodist, in Washington, DC. I was then the only Unitarian Universalist on campus. In 1980, I moved to Chicago.

I earned my MA from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago in 1982 and my Doctor of Ministry from Meadville/Lombard in 1983. I volunteered at the First Unitarian Church of Chicago, except for the time of my parish internship at what is now the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, NY.

Before entering the interim ministry, I served as a settled minister. My most recent called position was as Second Minister of All Souls Unitarian Church in Tulsa, OK, the largest congregation in North America.

I have been honored, since 1987, to serve as Interim Minister to many wonderful congregations. If you give me time, I can list them for you!

Janet E. Newman

Interim DLRE Announcement

The committee tasked with helping Reverend Holmes find an Interim Director of Lifespan Religious Education is pleased to report that we have unanimously supported Reverend Holmes in extending an offer to Ms. Meredith Olson of St. Paul, Minnesota. Meredith has most recently been working as the sabbatical DLRE under the tutelage of our former student minister, Reverend Jackie Clement, now Senior Minister at the UU Church of Bloomington-Normal, Illinois.

Aside from her experience as the sabbatical DLRE in Bloomington Normal, Meredith will be arriving in Nashua with additional experience that includes LREDA New Director of Religious Education Training, OWL facilitator training, Pastoral Care for Reproductive Decisions and Loss Training, and even has her Master's Degree in Kinesiology. Further, she has begun her work to receive a Master of Divinity degree in Religion and Theology.

The interviews that we conducted with Meredith made it abundantly clear to our committee that she would bring passion, care, and thoughtfulness to the position.

The interviews that we conducted with her references were perhaps even more telling of her abilities. The enthusiasm, drive and willingness to listen and learn dominated our discussions with her mentors. She was described as organized, astute and responsible and a student of community life with an insatiable appetite for learning.

Meredith's official start date isAugust 1st; there will be an event planned to introduce her in person. We hope you ALL will be able to take advantage of the opportunity.

The Interim DLRE Search Committee

Upcoming Services

Sunday Services start at 10:00am.

Sunday June 1st, "ROPES Service"

Be sure to be present today for the service being led by our R.O.P.E.S (Right Of Passage) class. It will be a wonderful and moving service

Sunday June 8th, "Life's Web is Long and Wide"

Rev. Olivia Holmes

This is the final service in this year's series uplifting one of our Unitarian Universalist principles. The 7th UU principle affirms the interdependence of all life. Join Rev. Olivia and our Worship Associates in considering how and why we value our interrelationships in the web of life.

There will be a Deeper than Coffee conversation in the Fellowship Room following the service, at 11:30.

Sunday June 15th,"Communion of Faith and Flowers"

Rev. Olivia Holmes

In this closing service of our formal church year, Rev. Olivia and the congregation will reflect on the meaning of Unitarian Universalism, and the gifts of commitment so many have given to the life of this church. As part of morning worship, we will be celebrating and honoring our beloved Chris Parker for her 29 years of service to our children and families as she turns toward retirement after a job well done.

There will be a picnic for all ages immediately following the service. Remember to bring flowers from your garden (bring some extra if you can, for those who don't have anything in bloom) for out big bouquet bowls in the Sanctuary. Then remember to take some of someone else's flowers home with you after the picnic.

Summer Services

Thanks to an overwhelming response to our request for summer service presenters, we have a full slate of exciting and thoughtful services for you to enjoy during the summer. Remember that summer services will be in the Sanctuary this year with coffee available following the service. The titles are listed here, as well as a writeup for the first few. Look for your weekly news mailing to get more information. We'd like to give a special thank you to all of our volunteer presenters!

The Worship Associates

Sunday June 22nd, "How To Beat Racism In America"

Harvey Keye

Having lived in the bowels of Birmingham, Alabama, the most racist state in this country, for the 1st 17 years of my life, this allowed me the "pleasure" of believing the conflict between white and colored folks was natural and the way God said it should be! Because the Baptist churches that I was forced to attend were run by uneducated men called "preachers" who were called by God to tell the colored folks to suffer, work hard, and pray and you would be rewarded in heaven!

Since the Civil Rights Laws of the 1960's, racism is still one of the most divisive social issues that we face today, same as or equal to racism 100 years ago (Not visible to the unsuspecting soul). Where did racism come from, what is racism, can we eliminate racism? WHY?

Sunday June 29th, "Calling in the Spirits of the Directions"

Anya Zakiewicz

Summer Solstice occurs for us on June 21, at 6:51 am. On June 29 we will honor this occurrence with a focus on the practice of 'Calling in the Directions.' In Earth-centered spirituality, the practice of 'Calling in the Directions' reconnects us to each other as well as the cycles of the day, cycles of the year, cycles of the seasons, and to the cycles of a lifetime. Percussion instruments are welcome; if you have some to share bring them along. We will be using them to honor each of the directions.

Sunday July 6th, "How to Open The Door"

Frona Avery

Sunday July 13th, "The Evolution of Unitarian Universalism as a Movement and Our Congregation's Place in It"

Laurie Goodman

Unitarian Universalism is a vessel that holds us together as we explore life's deepest meaning and mysteries. It provides context, opportunities, shared language, and common experience to create a world in which our differences are opportunities for growth and understanding rather than reasons to divide us. I'll explore how my own perception of Unitarian Universalism's future has evolved through my experience on our Ministerial Search Committee, and share my thoughts on how our congregation may have been insulated from some of the changes taking place.

Sunday July 20th, "We Are Stardust: Our Modern Creation Story"

Jerry Ross

"Creation Stories" are fundamental to most belief systems, and speak volumes about the culture in which they evolve. An understanding of the Big Bang, Inflation, and the nature and possible origin of the universe are perhaps among the crowning achievements of modern physics. What do they tell us about the start of all things, and about who we are and where we come from? Are these ideas being adopted today as our new "Creation Story?" Please join me this Sunday for a look at the idea of Creation Stories, a brief overview of some of the latest theories about the origins of our universe, and lively speculation about their philosophical/theological implications. The service will include time for discussion.

Sunday July 27th, "Coming to Terms with the Terms"

Gary Lerude

Because many of us find Unitarian Universalism after becoming dissatisfied with another religion, we seem to have an aversion to traditional religious language, words such as God, faith, prayer, and worship. Yet we don't have to abandon them. We'll explore how we can be on good terms with these terms. Gary Lerude will lead the service.

Sunday August 3rd, "UU Evangelism: Sharing Our Faith"

Rick Spitz

Our church is a wonderful place for embarking on a collective journey to find meaning, engage in social action, provide religious education for our children, and be part of a spiritual community.

More and more people are abandoning traditional organized religion, especially younger adults. Our UU religion is a great match for the needs and values of many people today. Are we doing enough to make them aware of our existence and encourage them to join us?

Join Rick Spitz to explore the challenges and opportunities for sharing our faith more broadly with others in our community.

Sunday August 10th, "Jesus of Nazareth: Reflections of a Unitarian Universalist"

Bill Kennedy

Jesus Christ is arguably the most important figure in the history of Western Civilization. Our history, culture, literature, ethics and morals are all shaped to a large extent by what we knew about this wandering Jewish teacher and interpreter of Hebrew Scripture. Two billion inhabitants of this planet worship him as their Lord and Savior. But what does Jesus mean to Unitarian-Universalism. Where does he fit in our faith? Does he deserve a special place: Some place? No place? Explore these questions with us on Sunday, August 10.

Sunday August 17th, "What I Learned at GA 2014"

Ellen Barr, Harry Purkhiser, Kathy Fletcher

Those of us attending GA in Providence had a wonderful experience with thousands of UUs from around the world at our denomination's biggest shindig. But if you weren't there, so what?

We'll provide some answers to that question Sunday. Ellen Barr will address the Congregational Study/Action Issues and the Actions for Immediate witness that were voted on as examples of our dedication to social justice and the use of the democratic process. Harry Purkhiser will talk about differences he observed between our Nashua church and the broader goals of the UUA, and Kathy Fletcher will reflect on the implications of Sister Simone Campbell's Ware Lecture to "Walk Towards Trouble". And we'll hear and see performances of the fabulous GA 2014 choir as selected by Mary Licking (look closely, you'll see Mary and Olivia singing in the choir).

Sunday August 24th, "Our 7 UU Principles"

Erica & Samuel Agnew, Charlotte Cardone, Andy & Keith Fletcher, Bridget Foner, Nate, Nick, & Andy Griffis, Darcy & Jack Hinkle, Becca, Chris & Mary Hollland, Grace & Ben Morton, Mia Taylor

Please join us in the Sanctuary for a special service written, directed, & presented by some of our UU Nashua children. 6-15 year olds will be talking, acting, singing, & dancing about our 7 Principles and what those Principles mean to them.

Sunday August 31st, "Reflections on Justice"

Marty Storer

Upcoming Newsletter Change

The Public Relations Committee

In an effort to bring our church more into the 21st century we are replacing our monthly newsletter with a weekly email. In fact, THIS is the last issue for our monthly newsletter. We feel this change will allow us to get information about events, happenings and announcements from the various groups and committees within our church out to you, our audience, in a timelier manner. This is especially beneficial for events that happen spontaneously within a month and must be publicized within a short time frame. Limited print copies of each week's email will be available at the Information Table in the Sanctuary. There will be a dedicated space on our website to peruse back issues as well. Please be sure you are signed up to receive our current newsletter via email as all addresses subscribed to the newsletter will be added to the database for the new weekly mailing. Additionally, the weekly announcements that are currently being emailed will stop when we convert over to the new format. It is our hope and intention to have all pertinent information in one location (the weekly mailing). We are very excited about this change and hope you find it much more useful as well. You can anticipate your first "issue" of the weekly email to arrive in your inbox the first week of July.As always, we welcome your comments, suggestions and input.

Search Committee Update

As most of you are aware of by this time, neither the first nor second round of our Ministerial Search process resulted in calling a settled minister to our church.

The Board of Trustees has identified an interim minister [Editor note: See Rev. Janet Newman's article on the front page] to serve our congregation for an additional year while the Search Committee continues its mission to find the best possible settled minister. The next round begins this fall, and will hopefully conclude with the presentation of our new minister to the congregation in the spring of 2015.

Since the bulk of the preliminary work of the search has been completed, the Search Committee plans to have one more meeting before the end of this church year in June to create a timeline of our upcoming work, and then meet less often over the summer to take some well-deserved (if we do say so ourselves!) down time before moving "full steam ahead" in the fall.

A few other plans to convey:  

I. In September we will hold a few more cottage meetings for anyone who was not able to participate in the first round last fall, and especially for anyone who has started attending the church since that time.

II. The Search Committee is discussing how we can best initiate a discussion with the congregation about the many things we have learned about ourselves and the evolution of Unitarian Universalism over the past 50+ years as we have enjoyed the ministries of just two settled ministers. While this has provided a wonderful stability and closeness among our church community, it has also in some ways kept us insulated from the changes that have been taking place in the larger Unitarian Universalist movement.

The cottage meetings and survey results indicated a level of apprehension as well as some misinformation among some parishioners regarding the direction of Unitarian Universalism. Rev. Olivia's service on Humanism on May 18 was a good initial introduction to some of the issues. This summer, we invite you to join Search Committee members Laurie Goodman (July 13) and Gary Lerude (July 27) as we each provide a service regarding insights on the larger Unitarian Universalist movement that we have gleaned from taking part in the Ministerial Search process. Our hope is that this will broaden the discussion and alleviate some concerns as we move ahead.

Finally, we report that all but one member of the Ministerial Search Committee has agreed to stay on to complete the search. After careful consideration, Cecile Bonvouloir has announced her departure from the committee in order to focus on the needs of her family. To say Cecile will be missed is a gross understatement. She gave so much of her time, talent, experience and expertise to our work, and we are all so grateful for her many contributions that will help to carry us through coming year. Thank you, Cecile!

And thank you to the congregation for all your continuing support!

Your Search Committee

Small Group Ministry

The Small Group Ministry (SGM) program is very alive, and as you'll find out, it's kicking too! With seven small groups meeting once or twice a month, its 50 or so members are thriving from spiritual growth and personal development.

We're talking about fear, trust, coming of age as Unitarians, balance, and many other stimulating and thought provoking concepts.

As you may know, SGM, otherwise known as Covenant Groups, have been a part of our church for many years, but they have held a mysterious and somewhat stealthy reputation. On the contrary, they are open to everyone. Being a member of a group is a great way to evolve both spiritually and emotionally, and connect with people along the way.

Not only do we get to connect with one another, but small groups also uphold our Unitarian-Universalist goal of supporting a world community. For example, on June 8th, one small group-facilitated by Ellen Barr-will be introducing the Stop Hunger Now initiative to the congregation. At coffee hour, they will share information, provide food samples, and sign up volunteers as their service project. Another group-facilitated by Jamie Gagne- will be assembling pet beds on June after service for the Nashua Humane Society. Bill Kennedy's group will provide their assistance at the June community dinner. Service projects vary. Each small group decides together on how they will serve the greater community, and how much.

The Small Group Ministry program is developing steadily through the commitment of its members and sample small groups-the most recent being April 27th. If you think SGM is for you, feel free to ask Jerry Ross about it, or sign right up at the information table!

Events and Announcements

Farewell to Rev. Olivia Pot Luck Picnic - Sunday, June 8 4:30Greeley Park

Reverend Olivia's time with us is quickly drawing to a close. Her last sermon will be onSunday, June 15. Before then, though, we thought it would be wonderful to wish her well in her adventures after she leaves us (she will be retiring as ofAugust 1). Many people have asked if we are doing anything for her so we thought it would be wonderful to say goodbye the same way we said hello: with a pot luck picnic at Greeley Park! Everyone is invited to attend. It will be at the Gazebo close to the playground onSunday, June 8 at 4:30pm. We will be grilling hot dogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers but we ask everyone to please bring a dish to share; plates, utensils and napkins will also be provided. In addition to bringing a dish to share we encourage each person to bring the following: a chair, beverage(s), bug spray and anything else you will need to make yourself comfortable. We hope to see you at the park. In case of rain we will move the event to the church. [Editors note: The Amherst Town Band will be playing across the street in the band shell at 6PM, including at least a couple church members and friends, so stay and enjoy!]

Celebrate Chris Parker's Retirement - Sunday, June 15after the service.

We will be having a potluck lunch after the service. Please come and join us as we thank Chris for 29 years of service as our Religious Education Director. There are sign up sheets at the Opportunity Table in the Dining Room to let us know what you plan to bring for the potluck. If you have any questions, please contact Sherri Woolsey in the church office.

Deeper Than Coffee Response and Reflection - June 8 @ 11:30in the Fellowship Room.

Would you like a chance to meet people and enjoy an informal discussion in a small group setting?Join newcomers and long-time members for an exploration of the7th UU Principle and its impact on our lives. (The seventh principle isrespect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.) John Sanders will facilitate this group discussion.

Church Year Coffee Crew Members Needed

During the church year our Sunday Coffee Hour is staffed by teenagers (age 14 to 18). Two of the current four team members will be graduating (CONGRATULATIONS HANNA BATE AND GRANT LERUDE!) which leaves two openings for the upcoming church year. If you are between the ages of 14 and 18 and are interested in working (paid work) one to two Sundays a month (sometimes more) to set up and clean up for coffee hour, please send a letter or email to Sherri Woolsey, Membership Coordinator, at the church. All interested applicants should notify Sherri via email or postal mail on or before June 30th. Sherri will be following up with applicants for interviews in July. If you have any questions, please speak with Sherri.

Ferry Beach; Weekend of June 20th

Come join usJune 20-22, in Saco, ME for our annual weekend retreat at the UU Conference Center known as Ferry Beach. The conference center is comprised of several buildings located along the Atlantic Seashore just 1 mile south of Old Orchard Beach. There are dormitory style buildings with individual sleeping rooms and community bathrooms, an Auditorium, a meal hall, camp grounds, tennis/basketball court, sand volleyball court and 2 playgrounds. Our weekend will be shared with the North Shore UU Church from Danvers, MA. That means the sleeping rooms are limited to first come, first served. The cost for the weekend is $120 for the room (sleeps up to 4 people; however, there are limited rooms that sleep 6). If you prefer to camp, campsites are available on a first come/first served basis and are $32/weekend or $16/night. The meal cost is $47.50/per person age 13 and up or $29.50/per person age 5-12 (children under 5 are no charge for meals). The meals are: Saturday breakfast, lunch and dinner and Sunday breakfast. Friday night meals are on your own. If you would like to join us just for the day either Saturday or Sunday you are welcome to come on up! If you'd like to also share a meal or two with us the cost is: age 13+: $9/ per person breakfast $12.75/pp lunch, $16.75/pp dinner or age 5-12: $5/pp breakfast, $8.75/pp lunch, $10.75/pp dinner. Registration forms are available online or at the Opportunity Table in the Dining Room. HURRY!!! SPACE IS VERY LIMITED THIS YEAR AND FILLING UP QUICKLY.Don't wait until the last minute to get your registration in or you may not have a bed to sleep in.

Registration forms are available on-line at http://www.uunashua.org/usercontent/FBW2014Registration.pdf or check with the church office.



1RE Committee Meeting 8:30 Rm. 7
8Last Day of Church School
15TEACHER APPRECIATION BREAKFAST, 9am to 9:45am Fellowship Room


It is with my utmost appreciation for all the wonderful people who have given their time and energy and dedication to provide a quality program for our children this year and for the last 29 years that I have had the honor and privilege of being your Director of Religious Education. Thank you youth advisors, parents and teachers for leading and bridging our ninth graders into the Youth Program and our graduating senior high students to adulthood. Thank you Jed Holland and Frona Avery for leading our precious Youth Choir. Thank you to the congregation for supporting our children. Thank you, Religious Education Committee, for your commitment to providing a creative and balanced program for our youth throughout the years. This has been a full and wonderful experience. Thank you all. - Chris Parker

2013-14 Church School Teachers

Baby/Toddler Room: Klaudia Yanushkevich, Katie Woolsey

Preschool: Dawn Cutler, Billy Earley, Maggie Woolsey

Kindergarten: Amy Savoie, Charles Savoie, Max Better

First-Second Grade: Hal Holway, Kathi Fogal, Cindy Hudson, Karen Murray

Third-Fourth Grade: Kris Davidson, Gillian Hinkle, John McCannon

Fifth-Sixth Grade: Mary Ellen Wessels, Mandy Eberle, Cecile Bonvouloir, Elizabeth Clark

Seventh-Eighth Grade: Ginger Hedges, Geoff Skelton, Andy Straussberg, Monica Staples

Ninth Grade: Dan Earley, Krista Earley, Wayne Fletcher, Ginger Hedges (Mentors)

Senior High: Monica Staples, Chuck Rehberg, Roy Goodman, Lynn Coakley

2013-14 Religious Education Committee

Amy Savoie, Chair

Charles Savoie

Mary Ellen Wessels

Mandy Eberle

Nona Storer, Volunteer Coordinator



We are inviting teachers from both semesters to join the RE Committee in the Fellowship Room before the Flower Communion Service for light breakfast fare and an opportunity to pick up your Teacher Appreciation Gift. We will not be handing them out during the church service. Bring your families, as well! RSVP to Chris Parker


Jamie Hinkle is organizing the church school children to paint pots and plant seeds for a project to deliver vegetable plants to Nashua residents who may be in need to support our Ending Hunger and Homelessness initiative. We will retain a number of buckets to provide fresh produce for our Community Dinners here at the church!


We will honor the following youth at our Flower Service on June 15 for their graduation from High School:

Hanna Bate, Grant Lerude, Mattsen Bradbury-Koster, Ben Pugh, Sutton Bradbury-Koster, Ethan Shepherd, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Chloe Warner, Devon George, Jonathan Zalman, Alexander Ventresca


The RE Committee is busy recruiting teachers for the Fall Semester. With four teachers for each class, each leader will be lead teacher only four sessions next semester and will assist four classes!!! Here's who have signed up already! If you are interested, please contact Chris Parker.

Fall 2014 Curriculum and Teachers

Preschool Celebrating Me And My World Dawn Cutler Mickey Shepherd Jess Parker
Kindergarten -First Grade Picture Book UU Jamie Hinkle Hal Holway Mary Beth Restivo Billy Earley
Second-Third Moral Tales Jodie Holway
Fourth- Fifth Tool Box of Faith Gillian Hinkle John McCannon Karen Murray
Sixth- - Seventh Neighboring Faiths


One of the most treasured curricula that we offer is Neighboring Faiths. This is the semester that we learn about and travel to other faith traditions. The class will travel to Protestant and Catholic churches, a Jewish Synagogue, and depending on the interest of the leaders and students, a variety of other gatherings such as Quaker, Buddhist, Islam, Mormon churches/temples. We need leaders to organize the visits, drivers to transport our students and church members who can share their knowledge about the different faiths. Please let us know how you would like to help!!!


Thank you Katie Woolsey and Klaudia Yanushkevich for taking such sweet care of our little ones! Our wonderful Katie Woolsey will be taking off for college next September, she is going to Metropolitan Community College...in Omaha, Nebraska!!! Good news for her, sad for us! If you are interested in taking her place in the baby room, please get an application from Chris Parker in the RE Office.



MAY 30 7:00 pm

and JUNE 1 11:00 am

We have eleven students who have completed our year-long Rite of Passage Experience under the wise counsel of Dan Earley, Krista Earley and Wayne Fletcher. Each student is paired with a mentor who has been working with them throughout the year and will present them at the Friday night, May 30th service at 7pm in the sanctuary. Each youth has prepared an Affirmation Statement, each one unique, each one special. This is their last year of church school before "bridging" into the Sr. High Youth Group.

The youth do their presentation twice. The first time is at 7pm on May 30. The student's mentors will present their mentee at the Friday night service. The student's will present their Affirmation statement again on June 1st, but there is not enough time for the mentors to talk on Sunday morning. Please join us!!!


Alec Bonvouloir Dan Earley
Seth Bonvouloir Lori Lerude
Laura Cannava Kathy Fletcher
Joesph Earley Jim Bonvouloir
Sabra George Kim Steele
Ryan Glossop Wayne Fletcher
Siobhan Rogers Krista Earley
Bryce Stack Dave Hudson
Chole Storer Cassie Earley
Zachary Ventresca Gary Lerude
Devony Whiting Gillian Hinkle


It is with sincere gratitude that I move into retirement. Thank you, members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua for allowing me to serve you for the last 29 years as your Director of Religious Education. This has been a challenging and rewarding experience. Our church school program is not successful without the support of the whole congregation, and you are a congregation that has supported and encouraged your children. In reflecting on my time here, I would like to offer a special thanks to the many folks who have served as classroom leaders. Below is a list of people who have volunteered their time generously.

Those who have taught between 1985-2014:

5 years: Victoria Agnew - Jim Bonvouloir - David Brodeur - Lynn Harroff (Roff) - Michelle Morrison - Geoff Skelton - Andy Straussberg - Lois Taylor

6 Years: Kate Brodeur - Kathi Fogal

9 Years: Linda Mandra

10 Years: Dawn Cutler - Linda Donaldson-Guidi

11 Years: Frank Grossman - Loretta Hubley

13 Years: Billy Parker - Mickey Shepherd

7 Years: Laurie Conrad - Wayne Fletcher - Ruth Hamblett - Donna LaRue - Jenn Morton - Lance Pratt - Kim Steele - Sarah Widhu

8 Years: Cecile Bonvouloir - Lori Lerude - Susan Nutting

14 Years: Ginger Hedges

15 Years: Krista Earley - Michele Edington

18 Years: Dan Earley

27 YEARS: Chuck Rehberg

Special attention and appreciation goes to Chuck Rehberg who has worked with our youth in several capacities for 26 years. He has led several curricula such as LIFT (Life Issues for Teenagers), On the Path and Messages in Music. Chuck has supported our District Youth by attending weekend "Cons", serving on the DYC (District Youth Council) and the Youth and Young Adults groups that followed the dissolution of the DYC. He served as a Youth Advisor for several Religious Education Conference weeks on Star Island, and both participated in and led several Youth Advisor trainings. For the majority of those years, Chuck has been our resident youth guru, meeting on Sunday nights, leading our youth in intriguing conversations, exploring meaningful topics, listening deeply, and "being there" for so many. Chuck has dedicated himself to helping our youth transform and grow, and for that we can all be thankful. This will be his last year as Youth Advisor, a retirement he has well earned.


Our Mission and Covenant

Embracing the Purposes and Principles of Unitarian Universalism and the Vision we have chosen, as members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, New Hampshire, we will:

Support and respect one another in our searches for meaning, value, and personal/spiritual growth;

Join with one another in providing, nurturing, and celebrating a free religious community through common worship, shared activities, and programs for all ages;

Promote a sense of family within the congregation through mutual support and friendship, and by attending to each other's needs;

Be a positive presence for, and work to create, a more just, humane and caring society through outreach to our local community and to the wider human family.

Our Vision

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua, New Hampshire will be a beacon of liberal religious thought and action whose members are committed to the search for truth and meaning, the acceptance of diversity, and the promotion of social justice within a supportive and caring community.

This is the last monthly newsletter.
See Sherri about the new weekly mailings.

Unitarian Universalist Church of Nashua

Rev. Olivia Holmes, Interim Minister
Ellen Fisher, President
Jed Holland, Music Director
Chris Parker, Religious Education Director
Sherri Woolsey, Office Administrator/Membership & Volunteer Coordinator
Sandra Martinage, Sexton

Rev. Holmes' Hours

Rev. Olivia will be available by cell phone in case of emergency through the end of July. However, she will be on vacation the month of July, so emergencies only, please.

Church Staff Hours

Chris Parker, Religious Education Director: 9:00am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday, through June 20.

Sherri Woolsey, Church Administrator/Membership and Volunteer Coordinator: 9:00am to Noon Sunday, 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday through Thursday

Contact the Church:
phone 603 882-1091 | Send a message Message to the Church Office | www.uunashua.org